My MLB Data Server data blanks or writes blanks to my XML feed

Potential Symptoms

  • Data Server data blanks or writes blanks to my XML feed


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controller
  • Product: Data Server
  • Components: MLB RTD to XML Value Pack - teams interfacing with 3rd Party CG's
  • Control System: Professional Baseball


  • The Data Server RTD to XML Value Pack may be writing data to XML before all the other scoreboard feed packets are updated.  
  • Default settings: leave Unordered UDP box unchecked, and the Empty Field Threshold at the default 2 (billion) number.


Each output: Check the Unordered UDP box.  This will force all the scoreboard packets to wait 500 milliseconds before writing the XML in case there are additional packets to receive. 

MLB RTD to XML Value Pack.png
The Empty Field Threshold box varies by output. This configuration is to prevent sending blank fields.   
Most streams have one blank field at the end of the stream.  Pitch/hit may have more blank fields depending on the last play.  
Use the following:
  • StatCast Pitch and Hit output: 44
  • StatVision Stats: 170
  • Bullpen: 9
  • Everything else: 1

StatCast Pitch and Hit tile:

MLB RTD to XML Value Pack statcast pitch and hitv2.png

StatVision Stats tile:


KB ID: DD4154439

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