Display Studio button appears to trigger content in Venus 7000, but player does not play content

Potential Symptoms

  • A button in show control scripting content to a Venus 7000 player shows that it executed properly, however content does not play on the player.
  • Data Monitor shows trigger on port 27000 but content does not play.
  • Can trigger content from V7000 Display. 


  • Product Family: Control Systems
  • Product: Show Control v2.14 / Venus 7000 v7.3
  • Component: Display Studio
  • Control System:


  • An extra space at the end of the file name created with content studio is causing the issue.

Example: "Pizza Hut.sq7" will work properly, but "Pizza Hut .sq7" will not.


  • Rename the file both .vmpl and .sq7 and remove the extra whitespace before the file extension.

KB ID: DD4153712

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