What is the file size of my Content Studio Presentation?


  • What is the file size of my Content Studio Presentation?


  • Product Family: Message Displays, Billboards
  • Product:
  • Components:
  • Control System: Venus 1500 V4, Venus Control Suite, Content Studio


  • Venus 1500 V4 Content Studio Presentation
    1. Open your message in Content Studio.
    2. Click on the orange V in the upper left corner of Content Studio and click on Save As
    3. In the new pop up, give your file a name.
    4. Then choose one the buttons under System to save it on to your computer.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Find that .vmpf file on your computer. Right click on it and go to Properties.
    7. The file size is in the General tab of the new pop up window.
  • Venus Control Suite Content Studio Presentation
    1. Go to your Media Library
    2. Click on the picture representing your presentation.
    3. A tab will pop out on the right side of the screen. The file size is listed on it.

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