VIP offline in Venus Control Suite, Wrong time on the VIP

Potential Symptoms

  • VIP Offline and DMP Online in VCS.
  • Time Zone is correct, but time is off by 1 hour.
  • Issue may be a result of recent Daylight/Standard clock change.
  • The screen shot below was taken at 10:14AM ET, but VIP time is displaying 9:14AM ET.
    • 2019-03-13_11-18-14.jpg


  • Product Family: Message Displays
  • Product: GS6
  • Component: VIP-5150
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS)


  • Time on VIP is off by 1 hour.
    • Wrong time on the VIP is causing VCS to reject communication from the VIP.


  1. Log into the VIP HTML web interface.
  2. Click Configuration (Wrench icon).
  3. Click Time menu choice.
  4. Verify time zone is the same as computer you are using to connect to the interface.
  5. Click on Synchronize.

KB ID: DD4141943

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