How to enable Airflow and RPM test feature for a VFC controller


  • How to turn off and on Airflow and RPM test feature for VFC.
  • How to use new VFC firmware feature update.


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: Vanguard
  • Components: Peripheral reporting
  • Control System: VFC controller


Description of feature listed below:

   When the controller is in "On Test Completion" which is a default setting the following occurs:

  • Airflow and RPM failures are not reported to central or hard faulted to the system health, except when doing a Climate Control Test. 
  • Airflow and RPM failures can be seen on the peripheral menu at any time. 
  • This is defaulted when loading or when you set the sign to factory defaults. 

When the controller is set to "Anytime"  the following occurs:

  • Any failure of the Airflow and RPM will be reported to central and show as a hard fault in system health.   

How to activate and deactivate feature:

  • This feature is selectable in the System Configuration “Optional” menu.    The Climate Control Reporting Mode is the menu to select between (On Test Completion) or (Anytime).

KB ID: DD4130097

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