Firefox ESR 52.9 updates automatically to ESR 60, hidden auto updater

Potential Symptoms

  • After closing Firefox 52.9 ESR, Firefox will update automatically to ESR 60.


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: 
  • Components: Auto Updater,  Firefox 52.9 ESR
  • Control System:


  • Mozilla added triggers that will prompt Firefox to update even when set to Never Check for Updates in Advanced Preferences.


  • None.

For Temporary Operation

  • For Windows:
    1. Uninstall Firefox ESR 60.
    2. Reinstall Firefox ESR 52.9.
    3. Go to Control Panel.
    4. Uninstall Mozilla Maintenance Service.
      • Alternatively, when installing 52.9 ESR you can select Custom install and uncheck Mozilla Maintenance Service.
  • For Mac:
    1. Uninstall Firefox ESR 60 by dragging the application to the Trash icon.
    2. Reinstall Firefox 52.9 ESR.
    3. Open Firefox and type in about:config in the URL bar.
    4. Search for add.update which should filter results.
    5. Change the following settings to False:
      • app.update.enabled
    6. Under app.update.url either delete the URL listed, or enter "localhost", then press OK.
      • This way, in the event Firefox still tries to update it will look to a nonexistent location or localhost (a.k.a. your computer) for the update file which will fail.

KB ID: DD4123063

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