How to create a message in Data Vision Software that utilizes GTFS


  • How do I create a message that uses GTFS?
  • How do I create a message that shows bus routes?


  • Product Family: Mass Transit
  • Product: AF-6700, AF-6710, and LS-1000 displays
  • Components: Software
  • Control System: Data Vision Software and GTFS


  1. Create a new message using the blank message template.
  2. Select the add element icon
  3. Select Add Vertical Box
  4. Use the auto sizing controls to make the vertical box the same size as the sign.
  5. Select the add element icon again and add a horizontal row.
  6. With the horizontal row selected, open the add element box.  Select add fields from the add element page to add however many fields of information will appear on each line.
  7. Select the first field and click the "..." icon to assign a service to it.  Select GTFS and then service1.  Select the information you'd like to display.  Repeat for each field
  8. Once you have the first row of information how you want it, the remaining rows can be auto generated.  Select Automatically generate content from existing content from the box level
  9. In the by: field, enter how many rows of information will appear on the sign.
  10. In the Substitute Variable field enter : "service{1}"
  11. Select Generate.
  12. You should see the remaining fields auto generate.
  13. Save and play the message

KB ID: DD4122081

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