FLD-2000 can't communicate with displays, Riser cable damaged

Potential Symptoms

  • DM 100 boots up but detects no signs.
  • Loopback passes on Jbox when wires are disconnected but fails when connected.
  • DM 100 doesn't boot up.
  • Cable is visibly damaged.


  • Product Family:  Digit and Price Displays
  • Products:  FL-3000, FL-4500, FL-2000, FL-2100, FL-2109, FL-2300, FL-4000, DF-1020, DF-2000, DF-2009, DF-2100, DF-2109, DF-2300, DF-4000
  • Components:  FLD-2000, FLD3-2000
  • Control System:  DM-100 


  • wires in riser cable have been damaged or cut preventing signal or power reaching the base of the sign.


  • Replace riser cable.

KB ID: DD4115116

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