How do I restore settings in the DI-6000 or VP-6000 through the user interface


  • How do I save and restore settings for the DI-6000 or VP-6000 through the user interface?   


  • Product Family: Display Interface, Video Processor
  • Product: DI-6000, VP-6000 version 20 or later
  • Components: user interface, dashboard
  • Control System: 
Create a restore point to save the system's current state as a point that can be restored later. This includes all settings- configuration, firmware, etc. A restore point could be useful to create after maintenance or during seasonal checks. 
Note: The system automatically creates and saves a restore point just before updating the controller firmware. This automatically-created restore point cannot be deleted or renamed.
Note: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO "UPDATE" TO AN OLDER REVISION. This create a new restore point of the current version and the "update" will fail leaving you stuck at the current revision.


  1. Log in to the user interface. How to log into the 6000 user interface?
  2. Click the 6000 Firmware tile from the dashboard or click Update in the right-side menu.
  3. Click Restore Points
Restore Points
  • A restore point is a snapshot of the entire system (firmware, configurations, everything) that is initially created only when the user clicks Create New Restore Point.
  • There can only be 1 type of restore point at a time (one manually-created restore point, and one automatically-created restore point).
How to create a restore point:
  1. Click Create New Restore Point.
    Restore Points Figure.png

  2. After you click Create New Restore Point the first time, enter a descriptive name (VP# Display Name Date) and click Create. Use any combination of numbers, letters and underscores.

  3. If it is necessary to return the processor back to the last known working state, click Restore. The date and version of the last restore point are shown above the buttons.
    Manual restore point.png 
    Note: Use caution with using the restore function. Any changes made to the system since the last saved restore point are lost when Restore is selected. Do not select Restore when the version is unknown.  Restore Points_ unknown version.png

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