How do I restore and revert points in the DI-6000 or VP-6000 through the user interface


  • How do I save, restore and revert settings for the DI-6000 or VP-6000 through the user interface?   


  • Product Family: Display Interface, Video Processor
  • Product: DI-6000, VP-6000 version 12.1 or later
  • Components: user interface, dashboard
  • Control System: 
A restore point can be set manually or it is also saved  prior to a firmware update.  This saves the system's current state as a point that can be restored later. This includes all settings- configuration, firmware, etc. A restore point could be useful to create after maintenance or during seasonal checks. 


  1. Log in to the user interface. How to log into the 6000 user interface?
  2. Click on the 6000 firmware tile from the dashboard. 
  3. Choose Restore
Restore Points
  • A restore point is a snapshot of the entire system (firmware, configurations, everything) that is initially created only when the user clicks Create Restore Point.
  • There can only be 1 restore point at a time.
How to create a restore point:
  1. Click on the Create Restore Point.
    6000 create restore point.png

  2. After you click Create Restore Point the first time, The Create Restore Point will change to Set Restore Point.restore points1.png
  3. If it is necessary to return the processor back to the last known working state, click Restore.  
Previous Version/Revert
  • Do not click Revert on a 6000 that has come directly from manufacturing.  If a user clicks on this, the 6000 will revert back to the base image -> there will be no production firmware at all and all configurations will be lost.  Once there has been a firmware update, the Revert option can be used.
  • This is an automatically created snapshot of the entire system that is created after a successful firmware update.
  • If configuration changes have been made since the firmware was updated, clicking "Revert" would cause all changes to be lost. The system would be identical to the state is was in at the stated time.
  • Firmware updates overwrite the previous "Revert" point. There is only 1
How to rollback to the previously installed firmware and all the configurations:
  1. If experiencing issues after a firmware update, click on the Revert button to roll back to the previously installed version/configuration.

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