How do I set a current IPAWS alert as inactive or active for my display?


  • How do I set a current IPAWS alert as inactive or active for my display?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Venus Control Suite
  • Components: alerts
  • Control System: 
Follow these instructions to disable/enable a running alert for your display. 


Viewing alerts status
Specific alerts can be viewed by clicking on the Alert Tile on the Venus Control Suite Dashboard.  The Alerts Page will show active alerts for the account.  
  • Account adminstration / parent level can see all alerts. 
  • Child / Display Level can only see their and their descendants alerts
Disable an alert
  1. Log into Venus Control Suite. See: How do I log in to Venus Control Suite.
  2. Click on the Tools menu and select the Alerts tile.  This will list any active IPAWS alerts.  Pick the alert you wish to enable/disable for a display.
    See animation below: 
    IPAWS alert tools enable disable.gif
Users can click on each alert to find out what displays are active for each alert.  
  1. On the active alert page, locate the desired displays and click active to set active.  Unselect to set display to be inactive.  
  2. The alert's play frequency can be adjusted by an account administrator under Settings/Alert Management.  
    IPAWS alert tools.png

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