How to add a flash effect to an RTD attribute


  • How to add a flash effect to an RTD attribute?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controller
  • Product: Show Control version or later
  • Components: DSTI
  • Control System: Show Control
This feature will give a flash or color effect when data changes to bring attention to the update. 


  1. Open an existing data presentation or create a new one.  For details, see: How do I create presentations with data in Content Studio?
  2. Click on one of the data elements in the presentation. See example:
    flashing ERTD how to.gif
  3. Select the Field Properties and click on the Flash or Color under the ERTD section.
  4. Change the layout's duration to the length of the game.  Do this to prevent the message from looping while an effect is in progress. How do I adjust the hold time or duration of layouts in Content Studio?
  5. Save changes to the message.
    Here is an example of content playing with ERTD Flash:
    flashing ERTD example.gif

KB ID: DD4069500

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