How to enable horn support within All Sport Pro?


  • How to enable horn support within All Sport Pro?


  • Product Family: Software, Sports Products
  • Product:
  • Components: Horns (Football and Basketball)
  • Control System: All Sport Pro UX


  • Auto horn is enabled in the game rules.
  1. Log in and open the All Sport Pro application. 
  2. Select the  icon in the top left corner and pick Rules from the slide out.  
  3. Choose and existing profile that matches what you are trying to use. 
  4. Scroll down through the rules to the Horn section.
     All Sport Rules File for horn.png
  5. Verify the horn settings.  
  6. If the settings need to be changed, create a copy of the rules profile and save the changes to that copy.  
    1. Check Auto Horn to enable and verify horn preferences.  
    2. Save.
To manually play the horn from In-Game, select Horn from the Last Play window.  Click on the desired setting.
All Sport Pro_horn settings ingame.gif

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