How do I apply effects to my data elements?


  • How to I apply effects to my data elements?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controller
  • Product:
  • Components: Data Effects, Show Control 2.13,  DMP-8000 version 8.11
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)
This feature will give a dynamic effect when data changes to bring attention to the update.  See example below:
B: Scroll Effect  S: Attention- color highlight  O: Flip Effect
 data effects2.gif


  1. Open an existing data presentation or create a new one.  For details, see: How do I create presentations with data in Content Studio?
  2. Click on one of the data elements in the presentation. 
  3. Select the Field Properties and click on the Field Effects.
    1. Starting in versions 2.18, Data Effects have moved to the Effects tab.
      Data effects toolbar.png
  4. Pick from the following: (one per field)
    data effects1.png
    1. Fade - Pick this option to fade the RTD as it transitions to the new information.
      1. Adjust duration.  This will impact how fast or slow the transition occurs. (.50 seconds is recommended.)
      2. Add a delay if desired. This will delay the transition for the indicated amount of time.
    2. Scrolls or Flip
      1. Pick the direction for the fade or flip.
      2. Adjust the duration.  
      3. Add a delay if desired.
    3. Blink or Pulsate

      1. Adjust the duration.  
      2. Add a delay if desired.
    4. Highlight- This will briefly change the color or highlight the data after it changes.

      1. Pick the style.
      2. Adjust the duration
      3. Add a delay if desired.
      4. Pick the high light color.

  1. Change the layout's duration to the length of the game.  Do this to prevent the message from looping while an effect is in progress. 

    How do I adjust the hold time or duration of layouts in Content Studio?

  2. Save changes to the message.
Additional example:
image rtd fb.gif
The team scores are using the flip effect.  
The flag is image RTD with a scrolling effect. 

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