How do I find my DP input details for the VP-6000?


  • How do I know the detected DP input size and color depth on my VP-6000?
  • How do I verify my DP input details?


  • Product Family: Video Processors
  • Product: VP-6000 version 12.1 or later, Advanced Config
  • Components: Display Port input status
  • Control System:


  1. Login to the VP-6000. Refer to How do I log into the 6000 user interface?, DD3769209.
  2. Click on the Configuration Icon (wrench) from the left side menu.  (Do this for version 21 or later. Earlier versions need to access Advanced Config.)
  3. Select Inputs and the desired DP input.
  4. The detected frame height and width and color depth is listed with the Status.  See example below: 
    6000 video processor input status.png

KB ID: DD4015594

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