How do I update my DakStats Software?


  • How do I update my DakStats?   


Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces
Product: DakStats Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer 
Control System: High School or NAIA Sports



Update Procedure

  1. Locate computer(s) where the DakStats Software requires updating.  
  2. Verify that any existing DakStats programs are closed.
  3. Click on the appropriate DakStats exe file: DakStats(R)Football.exeDakStats(R)Basketball.exeDakStats(R)Soccer.exeDakStats(R)Volleyball.exe
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions. 
  5. Click Finish when done.
  6. An icon should appear on the desktop. Double-click this icon to open the program.
  7. Confirm new version.
  8. Repeat the above steps on the Backup (if using). 

Setting Up a New Season in DakStats 

  1. Go to Configure > Season and System Preferences.
  2. On the Season tab, click Add.
  3. Enter a Season Name (TeamName2018), and set the Rules File to the appropriate setting.  
  4. Click OK, and exit the Season Configuration window.

Season Update

If previous seasons are saved to the computer, go to Configure > Season & System Preferences. Select each existing season, and then click Update. This ensures older season databases are compatible with the latest software version.

Here is a video on installing DakStats sports software.


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