How do I control Venus Control Suite schedules via Display Studio scripts? 


  • How do I control VCS schedules via Display Studio scripts? 
  • How do I turn my Venus Control Suite schedule on and off for a live event?  


  • Product Family: Software, Control System
  • Product:
  • Components: DMP-8000, Multi-Sign, Display Studio
  • Control System: Show Control SCS 2.12+, Venus Control Suite (VCS)


Note: This is an improvement to Venus Control Suite set schedule mode for DMP-8000s with multi-sign. This method allows the user to turn off scheduling for a single sign and not just the entire player as was the case with the previous method.  Any method from version 2.11 or earlier has been deprecated.  

  1. Create a new script button. 
  2. On step 1, select Venus Control Suite Display Control.
  3. On step 2, select the sign you wish to control.
  4. On step 3, select Set Schedule Mode.
  5. On step 4, select on or off and save button. 
    See animation below: 
    Venus schedule mode on offrev2.gif 

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