How to configure a Live Book for internal keying?

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  • How to configure a Live Book for internal keying?      


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Live Book GFX®, SportApp
  • Component: internal keying
  • Control System: AJT Systems a Division of Daktronics
 With this configuration, you can monitor the score bug that is internally keyed over the input video from within the user interface.


  1. Verify hardware connections. See "How to configure an AJT LiveBook system using internal key?"
  2. Open the Settings dialog. See: How do I configure the AJT SportApp?

  3. In the Video section, click the Settings button to open the Video Settings dialog.
    The Video Settings dialog appears.
  4. In the Graphics Output Mode area, select Internal Keying – Upstream.
  5. From the Reference dropdown, choose Input 2 if your system is set up for internal keying, as shown below.
    Observe the checkbox next to the Reference dropdown. A green check next to this selection confirms that the system detects a valid signal. A red X indicates that no signal is detected from the selected source. In this case, check your hardware connections.
  6. Complete the configuration process.  See "How do I configure the AJT SportApp?"

KB ID: DD3989742

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