How to blank a zone with a Display Studio command?


  • What steps are needed to create a button to blank a display, zone, or sign using Display Studio?
  • How do I add an exit transition to a blank command in a Display Studio button?


  • Product Family: Software; Control System
  • Product: 
  • Components: Display Studio; For Exit Transition: Show Control version 2.12+, DMP-8000 version 7.20+
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)


Create a new script button or edit an existing startup button.  For details, see: How to Create Scripting Containers and Buttons.

  1. Create a new script line.

    1. DMP-8000 Player Control or DMP-7000 Player Control
    2. Choose the zone(s) to be blanked.
    3. Blank Display
    4. Select the transition. (available in version Show Control 2.12+ and DMP-8000 only; not available for DMP-7000)
  2. Save 
    See animation of the process below:
     blank aux.gif

Note: It is possible to create buttons that blank either just individual signs or zones, multiple zones, or all signs and all zones for a player type, i.e. all DMP-8000 signs and zones.  Or you can just blank an individual zone to make a graphic exit and blank from that zone. For example, you could have a button that pushes up a score bug graphic and a separate button the uses a push down exit transition to plan the score bug graphic during a replay.

KB ID: DD3975686

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