How to update CAN distribution board firmware using a VFC-3000 Controller


  •   How do I update the firmware on the CAN board?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: Vanguard
  • Components: CAN Board
  • Control System: VFC-3000


  1. This can be done remotely by pushing a file to the VFC-3000 controller, then using LCD simulator software.

    • Open the DFTP software.
      • Transfer the ED14482 file (from the local side) to the VFC-3000 (the remote side).
    • Update the CAN distribution board firmware using the VFC-3000 by navigating the menus.
      • Login to the LCD Simulator software.
        • Click on the white box, just below the green LCD area, and type the IP address of the sign.
        • Click on Connect, wait until the Screen displays: "Remote login".
        • Use the mouse to click on the buttons on the simulator, (don't use keys on your keyboard.)
        • Click on the Local/remote switch. (switches to Local mode)
        • Click on Enter.
        • Select CONFIGURATION.
        • Select REPROGRAM DEVICES.
        • Select ED14482.hex.
        • Select DETECT (RECOMMENDED).
        • Monitor progress. 
        • When complete, select REPROGRAM DISTRIBUTION BOARD M2.
        • Select ED14482.hex.
        • Select DETECT (RECOMMENDED).
        • Monitor progress.  Verify completed without errors.

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