How to Customize Media File Duration in Display Studio?


  • How to customize media duration in Display Studio?
  • How to synchronize playlists?
  • How to set a duration for a .dpf file for webpage playback


  • Product Family: Software, Control System
  • Product:
  • Components: DMP-8000 8.4+, Display Studio, Interactive audio, script buttons, quick display buttons
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS) 2.15+, Live Clips
This feature can be helpful if you need an animation to be an exact length to better synchronize with other display content playing throughout your venue. 
It's also useful for files without inherit​ durations like .dpf files or for image files that need to play a custom duration that doesn't match the default duration (versus using the timing from importing into a Content Studio presentation).  


Locate the duration or repeat count configuration.
For a script button, create a new or edit a script line. For details, see: How do I create a playlist to play from a Display Studio script button?
    1. In Step 1, choose DMP-8000 Player Control.
    2. In Step 2, choose the zone.
    3. In Step 3, select Create Playlist or Play and go to the next step. 
    4. In Step 4, click add and select the content file(s) and click open.
    5. In Step 4, click on the circular arrow icon to set duration or repeat count for each file or files
      Script Button 2.png

For a quick display button: create new button or right click on an existing button to edit. For details, see: How do I create and edit a Quick Display button in Display Studio?

    1. Import files for playlist. (mov, avi, etc.)
    2. Click on the duration icon. (repeat arrow symbol to customized the duration and repeat count.)  See animation of the features below.  (Show Control version 2.19 and later.)

Set the duration or repeat count for files within a playlist. 
  1. Click on the file
  2. Enter the duration time MM: SS. FF
  3. Or pick the repeat count.  This would play an animated file through the indicated number of times.  
  4. Save button when all changes are complete.
Things to note: 
HTML and .DPF files will default to infinity.  
If a duration is set to 0, it will default to the files intrinsic duration.  Often this is 10 seconds for VMPF's. 

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