How to create custom themes in Display Studio?


  • How to create custom themes in Display Studio?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controllers
  • Product: Show Control version 2.9 or later
  • Components: Theme editor
  • Control System:
Custom themes allows users to add their own colors and logo to Display Studio.  Themes are unique to each workspace.  The changes will sync to multiple clients and the Show Control Server.  


  1. ​Click the Display Studio Hub to open the Main Menu, then select the Properties submenu. Click Settings to open the Display Studio Properties dialog box.

  2. Click on the radio button that best describes how you want your theme to appear: Dark, Light, or choose Custom to base your new theme on something already existing.  

  3. Click on add new.
      custom theme1.jpg

  4. Enter a theme name and select the color value. 
     custom theme2.jpg

  5. Click on the Select... to add your logo.  The example used was a 800 x 800 p​ng file with transparency.  JPEG/JPG and BMP files will also work in this application. 

  6. Click OK.  

    Final Example: 

  7. Themes can be deleted by selecting and choose remove.  The Daktronics theme cannot be removed.  

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