How can I use hotkeys for buttons in Display Studio?


  • How can I use hotkeys for buttons in Show Control's Display Studio?
  • How do I setup hotkeys in Show Control?  


  • Product Family: Software; Control System
  • Product:
  • Components: Display Studio, Show Control version 2.18+
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS)
This feature allows you to map a Display Studio button with a single or a series of multiple characters on the keyboard. You can create shortcuts to trigger those buttons instantaneously without having to find the specific button. ​One button can have one hotkey.


  1. Map hotkeys to buttons. 
    1. Click on the Hotkey Mapping button in the right corner Display Studio's bottom toolbar.  ​ This will expand the Hotkey Mapping window​. 
      Widget bar with green status hot key.PNG
    2. Click on the + sign to add a new mapping. 
      hotkey new.png
    3. Under 'HotKey', enter the value you would like to use as your hotkey that you press on your keyboard. For example, you could map 't' to the 'Touchdown' button. 

      • Hotkeys are alpha-numeric a-z, 0-9 only - no special characters
      • Hotkeys are case insensitive ("ABC" is the same as "abc")
      • Hotkeys can be a single character or up to 10 characters
      • There is a 1-to-1 relationship between hotkeys and buttons
          • One Hotkey can only be assigned to one button
          • A button can only be mapped to one Hotkey
    4. Map to a button.  
      1. ​Click, Select Button...                         
      2. Navigate to your button name by clicking on the list expand button or search for the button by the name. 
        hotkey search.png
        Drag and drop is availble for version 2.23 or later. Drag and drop is availble for version 2.23 or later. 

      3. Select the button name from the list. ​- You can also double-click the button name to select it. 
      4. Click Save.
    5. To close the Hotkey Mapping Window, click on the Hotkey flame icon in the widget bar. 
  2. Play messages via hotkeys.  
    1. ​Within Display Studio, type the hotkey you mapped (i.e. 't') .  A slide up box should appear showing what you are typing.  
    2. ​As you type, the hotkey mapping​ tool will find what ever name matches first. It will show a thumbnail of the button for verification purposes. ​
    3. Select enter when the appropriat​​e matched ​button is available. 
      • Pressing Enter will execute the mapped button
      • Pressing Esc or clicking away will close the slide-up and clear what was typed​​​Here is a quick animation of the process. 
Drag and drop is availble for version 2.23 or later. 

KB ID: DD3882638

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