How to enable RAM on a VL display


  • How do I set the controller to use volatile database?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: VL
  • Components: M3 controller
  • Control System:  LCD Simulator


  • Enabling RAM (Volatile Database)
  1. Log into the controller locally or using LCD simulator
  2. Go to Configuration
  3. System Configuration
  4. Configure Options
  5. Special Features
  6. Dakt Special Features
  7. Arrow down
  8. Use Volatile Database (RAM)
  • Put the controller back in Remote mode (as you are currently accessing the controller in Local mode) and the RAM database feature is in use.
  • If the controller is running out of memory this will fix it. If the messages are getting deleted, this will set the controller up so that on a reboot they will be available again.
  • Any setting that is changed while RAM is turned on will revert to its previous state on a controller reboot.
  • If settings need to be altered, turn RAM off, change setting, turn RAM back on.

Additional information DD2533850 Unable to communicate to the Ethernet port on a VL display

KB ID: DD3879928

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