How can I set a volume limit using my SSR-AM mixer?


  • How can I reduce the maximum volume of my SportSound system using the SSR-AM (SportSound Announcer's mixer)?


  • Product Family: Audio
  • Product: SportSound
  • Components: SSR-AM Announcer's Mixer
  • Control System: 


  1. See the SSR-AM Quick Guide, DD3638236, page 3.
  2. Set switch 3 to ON.
  3. Set switch 4 to:
    1. +4 allows the sound system to reach full output while protecting against improper use and large signal spikes.
    2. -6 reduces the output capability while providing the greatest protection against improper use of the sound system. This limits the system about 10dB before full output.

KB ID: DD3879459

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