How do I use the Aux Outputs on a Yamaha 01v96 Mixer?


  • How do I use the Aux Outputs on a Yamaha 01v96 Mixer?


  • Product Family: Audio Systems
  • Product: SSR-300 or Custom
  • Components:​ Yamaha 01v96 series mixer
  • Control System:


  1. The 01v96 has 4 aux outputs built in and most Daktronics systems include an additional output card for 4 additional outputs
  2. To send signal to an aux output locate the Fader Mode section of the mixer
  3. Select an Aux, for example select Aux 1, this changes the fader mode into adjusting levels for the Aux 1 output instead of the main system output.
  4. Select the Master button in the Layer section of the mixer
    1. The faders now show the master levels for each aux and the ON/Mute state.  The identity of each fader can be found at the bottom of the mixer.
      fader id.PNG
  5. Find the fader for the Aux being adjusted, in this case Aux 1, and verify it is turned up to approximately 0, and the ON button is illuminated
  6. Select the 1-16 button in the Layer section of the mixer
  7. Select the Aux 1 (or other aux) button in the Fader Mode section
  8. Adjust the desired channels to the desired levels for that aux and verify they're turned ON
  9. If there are any inputs/channels above 1-16, press the 17-32 button in the Layer section and adjust those.
  10. Repeat this process for any other aux that need feeds adjusted.
  11. To return to adjusting levels for the main system output, select the Home(meter) button under Fader Mode

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