How do I send feeds to the Aux Outputs on a Yamaha TF Mixer?


  • How do I send feeds to the Aux Outputs on a Yamaha TF Mixer?


  • Product Family: Audio Systems
  • Product: SSR-300 or Custom Control System
  • Components:​ Yamaha TF1 or other TF series mixer
  • Control System:


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  1. The aux output sends are located on the right of the mixer. There are 8 mono aux buttons (1 - 8) and 6 stereo aux buttons (9/10 - 19/20)
    TF1 Aux buttons.png
  2. To send signal to an aux output select an aux button like Aux 1
    1. The Aux 1 button will begin flashing blue and the scribble strips will display SEND to Aux 1, this means levels are now being adjusted for the Aux 1  output instead of the main system output.
      TF1 Aux 2_3.gifscribble strip.png
    2. Once in Aux 1 mode, make sure that the aux 1 master on the right is turned ON and turned up to the 0 mark
      aux master.jpg
  3. Make sure the channel(s) to be sent to the aux are turned on using the ON button and turn up the faders to the desired levels to send it to the aux output.
    faders up aux.png
  4. If there are any channels past channel 16, press the INPUT 2 button to access channels 17-32 (these numbers change for TF3 and TF5 mixers as there are more faders)
    input select.png
  5. Select another Aux button so that it starts flashing and use the faders to send channels to that aux output.
  6. To go back to adjusting levels for the main system output. Press the Aux button that is flashing blue.  The Aux button will stop flashing and the words SEND to AUX will disappear from the scribble strips.​

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