Temperature Alert on MLC in IDM, Fan malfunction

Potential Symptoms

  • Max temperature alert on MLC in IDM.
  • Fuse is blown on power supply.
  • Fan/s not working.


  • Product Family: Billboard
  • Product: DB-3000
  • Component: Fan
  • Control System:


  • Fan malfunction.


  1. Disconnect harness for fans going to power supply.
  2. Replace fuse at power supply.
  3. Disconnect one of the fans from harness.
  4. Connect the harness back to power supply. If the fuse blows out, disconnect harness again and reconnect the fans. Repeat steps 1-3 to isolate potential bad fan or fans.
  5. If the fuse does not blow out while one is not connected than replace disconnected fan.

If you go through each fan and the fuse continues to blow out, check harness for damage and replace it.

For Temporary Operation

  • Leave single fan disconnected, if applicable, until parts arrive to replace fan.

KB ID: DD3860020

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