Network Discovery Disabled

​Potential Symptoms

  • When attempting to enable Network Discovery in the Advanced Sharing Settings of Windows 7 or 10, it will go back to being disabled as soon as you click OK


  • Product Family: OS
  • Product: Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Component: OS
  • Control System: Any


  • The SSDP Discovery service is disabled


  1. ​Launch the Windows Services snapin
  2. Locate the SSDP Discovery service
  3. Double click to open the properties box
  4. Set the service to Manual, click Apply and OK
    1. SSDP.png
  5. Now go back to the Network Discovery setting and enable it.
    1. network discovery.png
  6. Once you click Apply and OK, the setting should stay
    1. Also, if you go back and check the SSDP Discovery service, it will now be started


KB ID: DD3856289

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