How do I check for broken buttons in Display Studio?


  • How do I validate my script buttons in Display Studio?
  • How do I find broken buttons in Display Studio?
  • How do I verify script lines or commands in my Display Studio buttons?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controllers, Control System
  • Product: Show Control version 2.7 or later, DMP-8000 7.32​ or later
  • Components: broken script buttons with DMP-8000 
  • Control System:
Proactively find "broken buttons" and avoid embarrassing in-event situations where buttons don't "work".  Season to season maintenance, such as updating or deleting content just got easier and more reliable.


1. Click the Display Studio Hub to open the Main Menu.  Then, choose Verify Buttons from the list. 

verify buttons.png 

2. When the dialog box opens up, it will run a validation search for any broken script buttons.

    1. This search will include missing or misnamed files, missing zones, missing buttons that are called to in Include Scripts.
    2. If a button contains an include script, it will validate that the include script exists.  But, it will not search the details of that script.  However, if that include script is broken, it should also be on the list.

3. If an error appears on the list, hover over the button name to see details of the error(s) that were detected. 

verify buttons2.png 

4. Click on a broken button and choose from the following options:

Edit: Choose edit to open the selected script button's properties.

Go To: Click Go To  and move to the selected script button's appropriate Page and Tab.  The desired button will be highlighted.

5. After deleting or fixing the button, click refresh to rescan the script buttons to be sure all errors or warnings have been resolved.

Here is an animation of the process: 

verify buttons.gif

KB ID: DD3823224

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