What are the video scaling recommendations with the VP-6000?


  • What are the video scaling recommendations with the VP-6000?


  • Product Family: Video Processors and Controllers
  • Product: VP-6000
  • Components:
  • Control System:


If the resolution of the video display's surface does not match video format's aspect resolution, the image must be scaled and /or cropped to match the native resolution of the display. Scaling is the process of converting image data from one resolution to another resolution.  This involves a mathematical adjustment of individual pixels.  The quality of the image can be impacted by an image that is not properly scaled. 



720p HD

1080 HD

Converted SD-SDI source
size_horizontal.pngVIDEO ZONE WIDTH RANGE  360-2560 pixels  640-3840 pixels​270-1920 pixels
size_vertical.pngVIDEO ZONE HEIGHT RANGE 240-1440 pixels  360-2160 pixels​240-1440 pixels


Scaling Guidelines


  • No filtering, perfect pass-through


  • Tested up to 1:17


  • BEST quality, limit planned scaling to 1.2:1.
  • GOOD quality, limit planned scaling to 2:1.
  • OK quality, limit planned scaling to 3:1.

The machine won’t break past 3:1, but incoming data samples will include lots of aliasing and lost fine detail. This is still useful for transition effects but isn’t recommended for static setups.

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