How do I find and set network configuration on DI-6000 or VP-6000 via the user interface


  • How do I find and set network configuration on DI-6000 or VP-6000 via the user interface?


  • Product Family: Video Processors, Display Interface
  • Product: VP-6000, DI-6000 version 9+
  • Components: network configuration, user interface, dashboard
  • Control System:​

Prior to version 17, the networking information in the UI was informational only - it was not possible to change the networking settings via the UI.  Version 17 (and later) allows for clicking on the network tile in the dashboard to jump directly to the network configuration page.


  1. Log into the user interface-How to log into the 6000 user interface?
  2. The default log in page shows basic information on the processor. The dashboard shows the processor name, firmware, IP information, storage and memory availability.
    1. The network tile shows network device and address information.  6000 Network Tile on Dashboard.png
    2. Click on the network tile to open the Configuration Page to view the network configuration options.  

Configuration Options

Configure the IPv4 configuration address either Automatically (DHCP) or Manually (static). 

  •  Automatic: The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automatically assigns an IP address to the 6000. 

    • A DHCP server is required on the network for proper operation. If the network configuration is left in this mode and no DHCP server exists on the network, the controller will be left without an IP address and communications will be difficult.  (The 6000 does not support "169.254.x.y" style AutoIP fallback.)

  • Manual: The 6000 is manually configured to use a specific IP address. 

    • Enter the IP Address, Subnet, and Gateway values manually when a DHCP server does not exist or when the installation requires the 6000 to always use a static IP address. 

Configure the DNS address either Automatically or Manually

  • Automatic: Information is received from a local Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server to assign the address. To use this option, the IP Configuration also must be set to Automatic
  • Manual: The 6000 is manually configured to use a specific DNS server on the internet or on the network. This option is used when a DHCP server is not available on the local network or the network administrator want to use a specific DNS server. Enter a Preferred DNS Server (primary server) and an Alternate DNS Server. 
Automatic / DHCP configuration options:
6000 network config manual1.png
Manual / Static configuration options:
6000 network config manualv2.png
Note: When configuring the subnet, the user may use either the "CIDR Prefix" or the "Subnet Mask". These are two different formats to convey the same information. When one field is edited, the other is automatically updated.

KB ID: DD3804600

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