How do I switch from primary to backup 6000 in Display Studio?


  • How do I switch from active to inactive 6000 in Display Studio?
  • How to I verify what processor is active in Display Studio?


  • Product Family: Video Processor
  • Product: VP-6000 / DI-6000 (version 9+), Show Control (version 2.5+) 
  • Components: active/inactive or primary/backup
  • Control System:


1. Open Service Configuration by selecting Properties > Service Configuration from the Display Studio Hub drop down list (see below). The list area of the Service Configuration lists the display command ports that are already active in the Show Control System.

service config.png 

2. Locate the desired processor.

3. Click on the check box behind the processor that should be active. 

service config2.png 

4. Click ok for the processor to be active and the other will be inactive.


KB ID: DD3791904

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