How to create Display Studio scripts that send commands to Ross gear?


  • How to create Display Studio scripts that send commands to Ross gear?


  • Product Family: Software, Control System
  • Product:
  • Components: Display Studio, RossTalk
  • Control System: Show Control System (SCS) version

This scripting functionality provides the ability to control Ross devices in addition to our player and processors. The GPI command is GPIO protocol and can be used for sending to commands that are not Ross products.

  • Examples include:
    • Triggering a production switcher for smaller events with a single operator. 
    • Sending commands to third party systems such as Cisco, Ross Video, and Click Effects. 
    • Sending commands to lighting system controllers and other third party systems used in spectaculars and houses of worship. 


1. Create a Script button in Display Studio.

2. Right click, select New button.

    1. Add Line
    2. Choose RossTalk

3. Specify the RossTalk command

    1. Enter the computer address or name that you wish to talk to. 
    2. Enter the port #.  The default port is 7788.
    3. Choose from the list of commands to send to Ross Video gear.
        • Supported Commands: GPI, SWAP, TAKE, DOWN, UP, FOCUS, NEXT, READ, RESUME, SEQI, SEQO, CC, KEYCUT, KEYAUTO, MLECUT, MLEAUTO, XPT, CLRA, CLFB, CUE,  GPO (Note, new commands added in Show Control 2.20 or later.)
    4. Enter in any appropriate protocol for proper communication.
      RossTalk updates.gif 

4. Choose save. 

5.  Add any additional commands as needed. 

The above article outlines how to implement an enhanced feature.  If you want assistance with adding new elements to your show, visit our Professional Services Site to submit your contact information. 

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