Alphabet letters cut off on all but first row on VM


  • Why is the bottom of the letters cut off on the second row of a line based display?


  • Product Family: Vanguard
  • Product: VM-1020
  • Components: VFC, VCB2, VM display panels (at least 2 rows)
  • Control System:


  1.    The test pattern was designed for a full matrix display. It automatically puts spaces between the rows of letters so the alphabet is legible. Each letter is the full height of the module under test so when a pixel space is added at the bottom it shifts everything down. On the second display panel of the display there will be a blank row of pixels at the top and the bottom row of pixels will be cut off. On the third display panel there would be one row of pixels from the second row, a blank row and the letters missing the bottom two rows of pixels. (see image below)

VM alphabet.png

KB ID: DD3761351

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