NFL OOT end zone graphics do not fit.


  • How to get my end zone graphics to fit without stretching the image?
  • The logos appear stretched in the end zone or does not fit. 


  • Product Family:
  • Product:
  • Components: Data Server with NFL OOT Graphics Output version 4.0.17 and above
  • Control System: NFL


The end zone area may be wider in comparison to the rest of the 10 yard increments on the field.  This may make the logos look stretched or they do not fit the space properly.  

stretched NFL OOT graphics.png 

  1. Navigate to the Data Server's output configuration.
  2. Check the custom end zone width to be always based on the home end zone png.  If all the end zone png's are the same size this should ensure the logos fit in the proper area. stretched NFL OOT graphics2.png
  3. Choose save and the image(s) will redraw as shown in the image below.stretched NFL OOT graphics3.png

Note: There is a way to verify your field boundaries. 

Navigate to : C:\ProgramData\Daktronics\Data Server\NFL OOT Images\NFL OOT Graphic Output xx\ output

Click on the Sample_FieldBoundaryTest.png to verify the boundaries designated on the field graphic. 

stretched NFL OOT graphics4.png 


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