How to remotely update a custom translation table on a VFC, VC6, or VS6


  • How to remotely update a custom translation table on a VFC,VS6, or VC6?


  • Product Family: Vanguard
  • Product: VC6, VF-Series, VM-Series, VX-Series, VS6
  • Components: VFC
  • Control System: Vanguard


  1. Get custom translation table from Transportation Tech Services (zipped files).
    • Extract all and save the .hex file to your desktop.
  2. Login to VIP interface.
    • Enter display IP + port 85 (e.g. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:85) in web browser.
    • **NOTE:  Must be connected to the Primary Ethernet port to access port 85 (VIP).  It is not possible to access VIP at port 85 through Auxiliary Ethernet port.
  3. Select Configuration.
  4. Select Output.
  5. Click on Upload button beneath Translation Table.
  6. Browse to the location of the Translation Table (TT) and click Open button. 
  7. After indicates upload of TT is complete close web page.
  8. Login to DMP web page (display controller IP + /new-ui) select car icon (ntcip).
    • Login to Configuration menu and verify display is configured for correct size.
      1. Select Sign 1.
      2. Select Configuration.
      3. Select System.
      4. Select Required.
      5. Verify correct matrix size is listed along top, just beneath top line of "Required Display Configuration".

KB ID: DD3709402

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