How Do I Test Video Input on My DMP-8000 (Vnet)


  • How Do I Test Video Input on My DMP-8000 (Vnet)


  • Product: DMP-8000 (Vnet)


  1. ​Start by making sure that the Blackmagic device you're using is being detected. This is especially important for external devices like a Shuttle.
    • ​To do this, open up the Control Panel and find the Blackmagic option
    • This software will look different depending on the firmware it's running, but on every version near the top it should list the device if it's detected. For example, "settings for your Intensity Pro".
    • ​​If the device isn't being detected check cabling, power, restart, reseat, etc.
  2. Close all Vnet software. For modern versions there will be a number of programs running on the taskbar near the clock.
    Start with the watchdog so it doesn't re-open programs. Make sure the player gets closed as well.
  3. Open Media Express. Start->All Programs->Blackmagic Design->Desktop Video->Blackmagic BMedia Express
  4. By default the green Playback tab is selected. Select Log and Capture to the left of that instead.
  5. Go to Edit->Preferences. Set the Project Video Format dropdown at the top to the resolution of the incoming video signal.
    The refresh rate matters. If you aren't sure what it is, just try all of them. Click Ok
  6. Assuming everything is working correctly you should see the video input in the Media Express software. If no then either the signal type isn't selected, the signal isn't on a standard signal type, or there's a cabling issue.
  7. At this point you know the hardware and input signal are fine. Restart the Vnet computer to get the Vnet software back up and running.
  8. Now you'll want to test the input through the Vnet. This is going to be very different depending on how the customer uses the input and how it's been configured. As a rule of thumb find out what they normally do to show video and try that. It's likely a script in Show Control.

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