Network Discovery Failure - NFL CVR Device

​​​Potential Symptoms

  • Failure in transferring content from Show Control User Station to individual player devices  
  • ​DMPs and CPUs on the DAK network ​are not all being seen within the Network Index in Windows Explorer
  • Manually map drive to DMP or CPU establishes connection to shared folders


  • Product Family: Control System, Integration, Sports Product, Timing, Video
  • Product: DMP-8000s, DMP-7000s, DSTI, Show Control User Station, ​Venus Utility Server
  • Component: NFL CVR
  • Control System: NFL GSIS Sites​


  • ​​Recently, the NFL sent out a digital record device to all 32 NFL teams that will composite a graphic overlay of scoring and timing on to the scoreboard production video feed. The NFL CVR requires the UDP broadcast of the AllSport ​scoring and timing heartbeat from DSTI. When placed on the site's DAK network, the NFL CVR becomes the Master Browser and takes command of the network. By becoming the Master Browser, the NFL CVR limits the amount of DMPs and CPUs being shared on the network. ​If placed on a network with Windows Server, the NFL CVR will not become the Master Browser. 


  • Turn off NFL CVR and remove from DAK network. To turn off the NFL CVR, unplug it from its power connection or from the unit itself. There is no on or off switch to this unit. 
  • Instruct the site to work with their IT and the NFL to create a solution to still receive the clock data UDP broadcast. The NFL can turn off the CVR's function of Master Browser, if desired. NFL ​must conduct the work through a NFL team representative. 

KB ID: DD3696383

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