How to enable Audio/Video offset control on a DMP 8000


  • How do I introduce a time offset or delay between the audio and the video coming out of a DMP 8000 so that I can adjust how well they match up at different distances away from the video board.


  • Product Family: Software, Control Systems
  • Product:
  • Component: DMP-8000 and above
  • Control System:



  1. Go to the DMP 8000 Silverlight configuration web UI.
    Note: The existing Silverlight UI will be located at "http://PLAYER-IP/Old-UI" or by clicking the "legacy" icon in the right menu.
  2. On the advanced configuration page, find the DislpayOutputTy​pe element and add the Audio element if it does not already exist.
  3. On the Audio element, add the StreamOffset element.
  4. Set this value to the approximate number of seconds required​ to offset the video so that it matches up to the audio at the distance desired.  *A negative value will start video after audio and give the perception of delaying the video.
Audio-Video offset.png

  1. Locate the Advanced configuration page after logging into the webpage.
  2. Hit CTRL+ F and search for audio.
    First entry should be enabled.
  3. Second entry will show Mode: XXXXX.
    Hit the (-) symbol for the drop down menu.
    4-2-2018 12-47-30 PM.png
  4. Format should be ISO for either Delay or Stream/Offset Example PT0.5S for a half of a second delay.
Note: If configuring for an audio offset and the player has a Fusion connection with Venus, ensure that Venus has been updated to the latest version (0.1.634.0 or higher) to ensure that the config scheme contains the StreamOffset value. If not updated, if a Venus config is sent, it will reset the StreamOffset to 0. 

KB ID: DD3650388

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