How to Create a Football Drive Chart in GameDay Graphics Generator


  • How do I create a football drive chart using DakStats GameDay Graphics Generator?


  • GameDay Graphics Generator


  1. Before opening GameDay Graphics Generator, open DakStats Football and enable Auto Start Chart RTD.
    1. Go to Configure > Auto Start Chart RTD and ​make sure it is checked.
      autochart RTD good.PNG
  2. Open GameDay Graphics Generator
    1. If it is not currently installed you can download it at Daktronics to obtain a subscription.
  3. Select Football Mode in the main application screen.
    Main Application screen3.jpg
  4. Configure Image options.
    1. Click Configure Image Options in the Main Application window.
    2. Edit the size and format of the image to desired settings.
    3. In the Destination Folders area, change the file path to point to the Media RTD folder in the DMP-8000.  This is where GameDay Graphics Generator will output and save the drive chart it creates so they can appear on your graphic.  The file path should be C:\Program Data\Daktronics\VNET4\Content\MediaRTD.
      Image configuration window.PNG
    4. Click Accept changes.
  5. Click Create New Configuration for Football in the main application screen to add a new configuration to the configuration list.
  6. Click on the new configuration you just created in the configuration list and click Configure Football Options.
  7. Adjust desired settings for the Drive Chart in the Football Options Window.
    Football options.PNG
    • Drive Chart Options:
      • Play Colors: Use the drop-down arrow boxes to select the three different colors and adjust the custom color values for a Rush, Pass and Penalty as needed.
      • Yard Numbers: Check enable  to show yard numbers on the football field image. Choose desired font size.
      • Field Options: Use the drop-down arrow box to select the field color and adjust the custom color values as needed.
    • Game Overview Chart:
      • Check enable to create a complete overview of all drives for both teams. Use the drop-down arrow boxes to select the colors for home and guest teams.
  8. Once all drive chart options are selected, click accept changes.  When plays are entered into DakStats, GameDay Graphics Generator will automatically generate drive charts based on the settings you selected, and they will be saved in the Media RTD folder that you selected in step 4.
  9. To play out the drive charts, use the Media RTD function in Content Studio.
    1. Open Content Studio and create a new presentation for your desired sign size.
    2. Open the Dynamic Data Library. 
    3. Browse to the Game Stats: DakStats FB folder.  Use the RTD field Current Drive - Bitmap RTD. Drag and drop the field to the desired position on your presentation.
      Content Studio.PNG
    4. Highlight the RTD frame and navigate to the Field Properties tab. 
    5. Click the checkbox Is Media RTD and a browser window will appear.  Browse to any of the drive charts in your Media RTD folder that the GameDay Graphics Generator has already drawn.  This will be your place holder. 
      Media RTD.PNG
    6. Save and play out your content studio presentation.  When DakStats updates, the drive charts will automatically update.

Sample Drive Charts

  • Drive Chart: The drive chart below shows all rushing, passing, and penalty plays in the current drive.
    Sample drive chart 1.PNG
  • Game Overview Chart: The game overview chart shows all drives made so far by both teams.
    Sample Drive chart 2.PNG


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