How to Configure a GS6 to NTCIP


  • How do I configure a GS6 (DMP-5050/5060) to NTCIP.


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: GS6 Display
  • Component: DMP-5050, DMP-5060 controller
  • Control System: Vanguard Software


  1. Log into player (DMP-5000) (port 80).
  2. Click on the wrench icon on the left, then go to Services.
  3. Click on Media Management Server and select NTCIP from the drop-down options.
  4. Ensure Display Menus on Output and Generate Translation Table are set to "Off".
  5. Click on the Save button.  The controller will reboot automatically.  This will take about 3 minutes.
  6. Log back into the Player (http://<display IP>/new-ui).  It should now look like the pic below.  Note the Car icon added on the left. 
    1. Update Display Output Configuration Resolution to 1280x720p @ 60Hz and Display Configuration Width:  1280 and Height:  720, then click on the Save button.
      Display Config for VS6.PNG
    2. It may take five + minutes for all of the items to update (Identification, Display, Services, etc.).  Be patient. 
  7. Configure Controller for Display parameters. 
    1. Click on the Car icon.
    2. Enter to login. 
      • If prompted for a password, call Daktronics technical support at 1-800-833-3157.
    3. Sign 1.
    4. Configuration.
    5. System.
    6. Required.
    7. Model:  GS6
    8. Access:  Front
    9. Module:  Full Color/Antaios/16x20/20
    10. Pixel Height:
    11. Pixel Width:
    12. Type:  Full
    13. Click on Cancel twice to get back to Configuration menu.
    14. Select Peripheral.
    15. Add.
    16. Advanced Setup.
    17. Press down button once and then select Add Light.
    18.  Select Front.
    19. Select Specify.
    20. Sensor Address:  2, the Enter.
    21. Location: 
      • If DMP-5050:  On Video Processor;
      • If DMP-5060:  On Display Interface (PLR)
    22. Mode:  LUX.
    23. Click on Cancel twice and then View (Peripheral Configuration).
    24. Verify Front Light 1 reports a value.
    25. Now log in to VIP (Port 85) and change Brightness to Manual.
    26. Save changes.
  8. Login to Vanguard software, configure display, create content, and verify you can get display status and play messages successfully.

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