What Content Studio RTD Fields are Available for Football? (DakStats)


  • What Content Studio Real Time Data (RTD) fields are available for High School teams using DakStats Football?


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  • The following inputs are available for High School football teams in Content Studio:
  • Game In Progress: Football
    • The Game In Progress folder contains real time data fields that come from the All Sport 5000. Game-level stats, such as guest and home team names, play clock and game time, scores, time outs, quarter, possession, down and distance all can be found in this section.
  • Out-of-town Scores: Not available for High Schools from SportsWire
    • If Out of Town scores would like to be incorporated, please contact ProfessionalServices@daktronics.com to speak with Daktronics about getting out of town scores set up for your team/venue.
  • Game Stats: DakStats FB
    • The Game Stats folder contains the real time data fields that are being sent from DakStats FB. This information contains both game and team level information, including team score by quarter, team rushing, passing, and penalty stats, as well as 3rd down % and team individual leaders. For a complete list of the available game stats fields visit the DakStats Football Product Specs and look under the heading Scoreboard Statistics.
  • Requested Stats: Individual, Team, and Drive Summary DakStats FB
    • Requested stats provide individual player and team, game and season stat information. A requested stat is used to request the statistics of a certain player on either team, or a specific team, at any given time. Some of these stats include passing attempts and completions, passing yardage, rushing attempts, rushing yardage, receptions, interceptions, tackles, sacks, punts, kick off and punt return yardage, field goals made and attempted, starting yard line and number of first downs for that drive.
    • For more information on using requested stats, visit What is the best practice for building a requested stats button in Display Studio, DD3089561?
    • For a list of all of the available requested stats fields, visit the DakStats Football Product Specs and look under the heading Requested Statistics.

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