How do you display At Bat indicators for team lineups on a video display?


  • How do you show an at bat indicator using Media RTD?


  • Content Studio
  • DMP 8xxx
  • Media RTD
  • Baseball


  1. Using the profile associated with the data source DSTI DSBA Scoreboard.dsrc you will add media RTD fields from the following items:
    4-18-2017 9-51-57 AM.jpg4-18-2017 9-52-43 AM.jpg
  2. Generate a PNG, JPG, or BMP file of the content that you would like displayed during the AT BAT indication.  Save this file as "A" in the MediaRTD folder on the DMP.
  3. In Content Studio, select the correct profile [Baseball: MLB/MiLB/College (DakStats)] and drag and drop the proper lineup information needed for each batter being displayed.
  4. In the Field Properties Tab of the Home/Guest Lineup Bitmap Indicators fields, assign the content as Media RTD (check the box "Is Media RTD").
    4-18-2017 10-02-15 AM.jpg
  5. Associate the previously saved file named "A" to the content.
  6. Repeat these steps for all lines and save message.

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