How to change the leading zeros on the MLB Pitch Timer


  • MLB timing official would like to change the look of the 30 second preset to drop one of the leading zeros on the display. Example: Instead of showing 00:30 display should show 0:30.


  • MLB Stadium with Pitch Timer System
  • All Sport 5000 with code 5001 and minimum firmware version 4.1.4


  1. Press the [EDIT] key then press [Preset 3].
  2. Enter [0] [3] [0] followed by they [Enter] key.
  3. A menu will appear prompting for "warning". Press the [Enter] key again.
  4. Test the [Program 3] key on the All Sport and on the hand held for desired operation. Display should countdown showing 0:30.

KB ID: DD3610139

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