How to determine the Primary display in a Primary/Mirror setup (2View)


  • How do I know what side is the Primary side in a 2v (2view) primary/mirror display setup?


  • Galaxy display products


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  • The Primary display in a primary/mirror setup has a blue sticker in the bottom left corner of the display cabinet. This is added by manufacturing prior to the displays shipping.
    • Note:  Although Daktronics does install a blue sticker on the primary display that does not mean that it will always be there. Outside elements can cause the sticker to fall off as well as other causes for the sticker to not be there
    • If you can see the backside of the display cabinet we can determine the primary by locating which display the signal cable is connected to.
    • The best way to determine the primary display in the event the blue sticker indicator is not present in a 2V application would be to access the internal section of the display where the controller or incoming signal would be located. This can be determined from electrical layout drawings. For these drawings contact Daktronics technical Support at 1-888-325-746.

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