How to create Media RTD for team names


  • How do you create MediaRTD Team names in Content Studio?


  • DakStats
  • Content Studio
  • DMP-8000 or DMP-7000 player


This article is meant to show you how to put Media RTD into use. Refer to Best Practice for Creating Media RTD Fields in Content Studio, DD3070725.

 Media RTD fields are fields that display images for real time data fields, instead of data. 

  • DMP-8000 Supported File Types:  VMPL, VMPF, AVI, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, MPG, MPEG, and SWF
    • Images must stored in the MediaRTD folder, located under C:\Program Data\Daktronics\VNET4\Content\MediaRTD
  • DMP-7000 Supported File Types: BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIF
    • Images must be stored in the Bitmaps folder, located under D:\V7000\Bitmap
  • What the file should be named:
    • Team names usually come into the Daktronics system as the name of the team, e.g. Daktronics Bears would come into the Daktronics system as Bears. The file should be named TeamName.png - For the below example the file would be named Bears.png.
    • Additionally you can use the team name abbreviation and the file would be named the TeamAbbreviation.png.

  • What content studio RTD field to use: 
    • ​Game In Progress: Baseball - Home/Guest Team Name
    • Game Stats: DakStats BA -  Home/Guest Team Name
    • Game In Progress: Baseball - Home/Guest Team Name Abbreviation
    • Game Stats: DakStats BA -  Home/Guest Team Name Abbreviation
      Untitled picture.png 
  • What application the stat comes from:
    • Can come from either the All Sport or DakStats. Daktronics recommends using the All Sport.

  • What the file would look like:
      • Typically, these files are large letters on top of a solid background so that the team name is fully visible.
  • The Media RTD will change automatically depending on what team name you type into the All Sport or into DakStats.​​​​​ e.g. At the beginning of the seas​​​​​​​on, you can load all the nameplates into the Media RTD folder and the correct file will be displayed according to what the stats operator enters.

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