Pro Diving software opens with Unhandled Exception Error


  • Upon start up of Pro Diving software, an Unhandled Exception Error window appears.
  • ProDive Error.jpg
  • Customer may not notice any side effects from this error after clicking "Continue"


  • Windows 7
  • Pro Diving 3.0


  • Admin rights are restricting access to computer's file system.
  • User that is logged in does not have full permissions granted to ProgramData folder shown above.


  • Close the Pro Diving program
  • Navigate to the ProgramData folder (C:\ProgramData).
    • If folder is not found, you will have to edit "Folder Options" to show hidden folders. 
  • Right-click folder and choose properties
  • Click on the "Security" tab
  • Highlight the user that is currently logged in (in the Group or user names box) and verify that "Full Control" is not checked under "Allow"
  • Click the "Edit..." button
  • When the new window appears, highlight the user that is logged on
  • Place a checkmark in the "Allow" column next to "Full Control"
  • Click ok in the properties windows and re-open the Pro Diving software to verify the error does not show again.

Work Around

  1. Click "Continue" in the error window and the user may not notice any further issue.

KB ID: DD3574145

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