How to Start Extra Innings with a Runner on 2nd Base


  • How do I start an inning with a runner on 2nd base for the Runner on 2nd rule?
  • When going into extra innings, how do I start the top of the 10th inning with a runner on 2nd base?​


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Controllers
  • Product: DakStats Baseball 
  • Component: runner on 2nd rule
  • Control System:​ baseball


  1. In play by play mode in DakStats, there is a tab called Special. Select this tab by clicking on the tab or hitting the F6 key.
  2. Under the Special tab, there is a button called Int Tie breaker. Select this button or select the k key on your keyboard.
    Step 2.png
  3. You will be prompted by DakStats to enter in the number of the player that will start the inning on 2nd base. After typing in the number, confirm the correct player has been added to 2nd base and then select enter.
  4. Continue to score the inning like normal.
  5. Start the top and bottom of each extra inning as needed by repeating steps 1-3.

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