How does a BCD switch work with a VFC or a VFC-3000?


  • How does a Binary Count Decimal work with a VFC or VFC-3000 controller?


  • VFC controller
  • VFC-3000 Controller
  • Vanguard Professional Software
  • Switch input


1. Below is an example of a 4 input switch and how it would correspond with our message table for VFC and VFC-3000.


With no message offset​

Slot activated


Message Default offset 1

Slot activated

​Switch input 4​Switch input 3​Switch input 2​Switch input 1
Message slot ​1​Message slot 2​off​off​off​off
​Message slot ​2​Message slot 3​off​off​off​on
Message slot ​3​​Message slot 4​off​off​on​off
​Message slot ​4Message slot 5​​off​off​on​on
​Message slot ​5​Message slot 6​off​on​off​off
​Message slot ​6​Message slot 7​off​on​off​on
​Message slot ​7​Message Slot 8​off​on​on​off
Message slot ​8​Message slot 9​​off​on​on​on
​Message slot ​9​Message slot 10​on​off​offo​ff
​Message slot ​10Message slot 11​​on​off​off​on
​Message slot ​11​Message slot 12​on​off​on​off
Message slot ​12​Message slot 13​​on​off​on​on
​Message slot ​13​Message slot 14​on​on​off​off
Message slot ​14​​Message slot 15​on​on​off​on
​Message slot ​15Message slot 16​​on​on​on​off
​Message slot ​16Message slot 17​​on​on​on​on


How to Add a Message to the Display Message Library in Vanguard Professional. 


  • VFC-3000 you can modify the message offset so depending on that, the message slots could be different. 
  • The VFC automatically offsets at 1 so you will start in slot 2.

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