How to configure VFC for VC6 display


  • How do I configure a VFC to work with the VC6 display?



  1. Login to the VFC.
  2. Select sign 1.
  3. Select Configuration.
  4. Select System Configuration.
  5. Select Required.
  6. Select Model.
  7. Select GS6
  8. Select Access.
  9. Select Front.
  10. Select Module.
  11. Select Full Color.
  12. Select Antaios (DVX)
  13. Select your module size. For example 16x20.
  14. Enter the number 20 for Pixel Pitch, and then press Enter.
  15. Set your pixel height and width. Refer to configuration drawing to determine this.
  16. While still on the Display Configuration menu screen, arrow down to get to the next menu screen.
  17. Select Translation Table.
  18. Select Custom.
  19. Reference the site configuration sheet per contract number for your display to get the DD number for translation table.
  20. Select your Translation Table, then press 1 to Confirm.
  21. Press Enter after it successfully loads. This will be indicated by "[Step 1 of 1] Uploading translation table success".
  22. While still in the Required Display Configuration menu arrow down to see the next menu screen.
  23. Select Display Interface.
  24. Select Configure.
  25. Enter the number of Display Interface (PLR's).  Reference the site configuration sheet per the contract to determine how many needed. Then press Enter.
  26. Press Cancel twice to navigate to the Configuration menu.
  27. Select Peripheral.
  28. Select Add.
  29. Select Advanced Setup.
  30. Arrow down, and select Add Light.
  31. Select  Multi-Directional.
  32. Select Default.
  33. Select On Display Interface.
  34. Select First Display.
  35. Select LUX.

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